Rules of Hockey


At WDHA we play to the International Hockey Federation Rules. Click here to download the current rules. The only exception to these rules is that games are played to 30 minute halves (not 35).


Umpiring Duties


It is the responsibility of each team to provide up to 2 umpires to officiate fixtures played in the oposite time slot to the one they are playing in.


If Kingsway and Landsdale are playing at 1.45pm they need to supply 2 umpires each to officiate the 2 games at 3.15pm.

This means that the 4 teams playing at 3.15pm only need to provide 2 umpires between them for the 1 game played 1.45pm.

The Umpires Conveynor will liase with the teams to ensure we have umpires each week.

If you have any players that wish to umpire every week or you have players that wish to learn to umpire then please contact the Umpires Conveynor.