Saturday – 29th August.

This weekend we will be holding several special games for all ages to celebrate the wonderful sport of hockey, including the annual All-Stars v President’s XI game.


1.30pm – Over 30 v Under 30 exhibition match

All players from all teams are welcome to take part in this test to determine which is more important in our sport – veteran experience or youthful enthusiasm.

Over 30 – wear a black shirt

Under 30 – wear a white shirt

Please register to play on our facebook page here.


2.45pm – Future stars fun game

Let’s show the kids why we love hockey! Here’s an opportunity to let the kids have fun on the field – with mum or dad too! Using a softer ball, heavily modified rules and a much shortened field and game.


3.15pm – 2019 All Stars v President’s XI

All Stars – wear a white shirt

Presidents – wear a black shirt

Teams and positions are:

Position 2019 All Stars President’s XI
Goal Keeper Lucas Schotte Jeff Harris
Right Full Back Michael Green Matt Combs
Left Full Back Alex Hardy Sandy Joy
Right Half Back Steven Player Anthony Klysz
Left Half Back Lachlan Burrows Michael Fuller
Centre Half Back Simone Hardy Nathan Henderson
Right Wing Marty Sale Lisa McCarthy
Left Wing Matt Zis J.A. Baard
Centre Forward Leigh Sutcliffe Matt De Pledge
Inside Right Marc Leeming Gavin Brooks
Inside Left Amar Parekh Patrick Schurmann
Substitutes Yalmarie Tholen Mitch Sale
  Robbie Tyler Robert Schurmann
  Thomas Panthradil Rajiv Kothary